Cruising the Caribbean

TTCS members from Canada to Costa Rica number 47 in total gathered in Miami on Monday, December 3, to set sail for a cruise to the Bahamas on the Norwegian Sky. They met new friends, and shared good times with old ones, ate and practiced together aboard the beautiful 5 - Copy

The Miami Branch organized the trip and transport. Hospitality was provided for all visitors, making the experience effortless and delightful from arrival to departure.

Practice sessions were organized three times a day, sometimes on the upper deck with views of white islands, blue oceans and blue skies, other times in a gym space or function room or outer deck. The food, entertainment options, choices and facilities were excellent and everyone felt it would be great to get together again for another cruise, perhaps a few days longer!

One highlight was Kia Hui Tan playing the violin for us at the cocktail reception. Her recital included a piece that she had been practicing at the International Centre in Orangeville, during her time volunteering there in recent weeks, andshe invited others to try her “camping” violin to experience the application of tai chi principles, such as equal and opposite, and intention. We observed the amazing development that her tai chi journey has already afforded easing breathing and balance and developing her capacity to express her 30-year musical talent. In the evening she participated in a talent contest of guests, where she left the host speechless and all he managed to do was invite her to play again and she treated us to another two pieces.

Whether escaping from winter conditions or just enjoying the opportunity to relax and practice with friends the cruise experience was delight. There are even Dan Yu bars outside every cabin!

Thanks once again to the Miami hosts for all the organization and help making the experience so smooth.

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2 responses to “Cruising the Caribbean

  1. Michele Smith

    My husband and I are Society members currently living in Nassau, Bahamas. If anyone else decides to take a trip out our way, please feel free to contact us. We would love to do a set with some of our Tai Chi family!

  2. Grace DeLano

    I was on this cruise, my first, and what a fantastic experience to do tai chi overlooking the beautiful harbors, gorgeous sea and lovely islands! We met many wonderful, gracious tai chi members from near and far. I would definitely like to do this again!!!

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