In Costa Rica, the New Year Brings Television Coverage

6We are delighted to share news of National TV coverage as we start a New Year. We were invited to participate in a short program recorded before Christmas which allowed three members to participate and share some aspects of health improvements experienced through the diligent practice of these arts.

Melissa shared her experience of a trouble free pregnancy as well as the recovery of her husband from 10 hernias without surgical intervention by making danyus his friend. Alejandra, another young lady, with psychology training, was able to share a glimpse of the emotional and spiritual benefits she is experiencing through practice. And Peter covered a few of the benefits experienced by members with a wide range of conditions from structural spinal issues to chronic conditions such as  fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and arthritis.

On Friday, January 4, we have a half hour live program for seniors with five members participating in interviews and demonstrating Taoist Tai Chi. The other recorded program is due for screening on the January 11. These are a great start to the year with Open House all day on Saturday, January 12, prior to host of new classes on January 14.

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One response to “In Costa Rica, the New Year Brings Television Coverage

  1. Jan Koene

    Good doing Costa Rica, and keep on playing Tai Chi together.

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