‘Gong Xi Gong Xi’ from Helmond

Last weekend some 84 members from 6 different countries joined for the International Workshop at the TTCS Centre Netherlands in Helmond. The TTCS of Belgium had been asked to organise this workshop which they had never done before. Sylvie Faucher, the Belgian president, said it felt like being part of a theater play instead of just watching. It gave them another perspective which broadens their understanding. Marsha Eberhardt, who was leading the workshop, helped us to ‘broaden our understanding’ with the dropping in the dan-yu and the tor-yu. She helped us to feel it.

On Saturday night we celebrated Chinese New Year with a banquet. We did this for the first time in our Centre. Julie Poulin was there to help us and she led a cooking team that created a delicious 8 course menu for about 150 people. It was a real treat. We all start to realise that a banquet is really something special. We were very lucky to have a member of the National Parliament as our honoured guest. He said he didn’t know our organisation when he received our invitation but he was triggered by the fact that a lot of the work is done by volunteers. He said in times of economic crisis is that what a country needs. Beside the fantastic food there were speeches, demo’s, touching testimonials, live music and a beautiful surprise by the kitchen crew in the end; they had us sing the Chinese New Years song Gong Xi Gong Xi. We all sang in Chinese and one of our members who speaks Chinese, helped us with the correct pronunciation.

It was a late night and the next morning there was early chanting to start with.  And after that, of course dan-yu’s and tor-yu’s and more. We all went home satisfied realising that it was only the workshop that had stopped since Taoist Tai Chi continues 24/7.

Happy New Year!

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