Beaver Scouts Visit Taoist Tai Chi Center in Colchester

Upon entering the building the children were wide-eyed and looked surprised as they set eyes on the Dragon, who was waiting in the corner, which was then introduced to them. Two of the boys enjoyed a special birthday announcement when they were shown birthday cards had been placed in the dragon’s mouth by an instructor.

013The aims and objectives of the Society were spoken about, including a brief outline of Taoist teachings, an introduction to some of the dieties, and the shrine.  The children had mentioned they would like to try some chanting, so after helping to set out the kneeling mats the Bo Hui Jan was chanted 3 times. A drumming session was next and they all enjoyed beating the large drum the most, which was very noisy but fun!

The first 17 moves of the Tai Chi set were demonstrated before they all joined in practising the moves several times over. After some refreshments it was time for the visitors to take their leave.

Several comments were made on how much the children had enjoyed their visit. What a great way to link with local communities, maybe members of the future?

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  1. What a wonderful experience for these children!

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