Chinese New Year and 5th Anniversary Celebration in Budapest

For the society in Hungary, the beginning of the Year of the Snake also marked the 5th anniversary of opening our clubhouse in Budapest. It was more than five years ago when a group of volunteers started to look for a new home in Budapest. Their job was successful, and since then we have filled our club with life and have grown much in understanding. We celebrated this anniversary with a series of events on the 16th of February.

The day started with an open house in our club. Thanks to good advertising, people started coming even before the official start time and they weren’t eager to leave, so very soon our club was packed. We welcomed our guests with tea and cookies. We talked to them about the Taoist Tai Chi Society and Taoist Tai Chi, held demos every hour, and encouraged people try some of the moves. The number of visitors was more than a hundred and some people even signed up for a class right there.

In the evening we organized a Chinese New Year’s banquet in a nearby restaurant. We were fortunate that we could welcome VIP guests from a hospital in Budapest and the president of a Parkinson’s club. The number of participants was 140, making this the biggest banquet that we have organized so far. The restaurant also allowed us to use their kitchen so we decided to cook the whole menu ourselves. This included two starters, two main courses for vegetarians and two with meat, and a fruit bowl and finally a birthday cake. During the banquet we remembered the five years of our club with words and pictures. We listened to one of our members playing the harp and even learned and sang a Chinese folk song (“Jasmine flower – Mo Li Hua”) together.

What was very good to see is that people from many cities helped in each part of the events: in the open house, in the kitchen, in the serving team and also in the talks. These events were only possible by working together.

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