Southern European Centre in Madrid Celebrates Chinese New Year

Though with some delay, Saturday, March 2nd, we celebrated the Chinese New Year of the Snake in pure Taoist Tai Chi Society style—a varied Chinese menu and entertainment from our artist members with music, songs and a choir of Taoist chants. Everything was just right, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, the two hours of the feast flew by. On this special occasion, we had the invaluable presence of several officials from the city and provincial governments. The great interest they showed about our organization and its activities was an encouragement to continue working in the direction of making known to the public the importance of more and more people know and practice Taoist Tai Chi™ to improve health and quality of life. We discussed some collaborative projects to bring out in the coming months. The volunteer work by members attending the event, both in the kitchen and waiting tables and other tasks involved in the preparation and course of the banquet, was praiseworthy and momentous to make the event a success.

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One response to “Southern European Centre in Madrid Celebrates Chinese New Year

  1. burnez

    Thanks for all spanish people for organisation and “TLC”, I hope you remember what Sean said (about TLC). I came back with a lot of things to share with others. Enjoy this new year and maybe see you …in France, more exactly, in Burgondy.

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