International Lok Hup Workshop in Madrid

For the first time, the Southern European Centre hosted a five-day International Lok Hup Workshop. The workshop was taught by Sean Dennison, a member of the board of Fung Loy Kok. Sean kept us expectant throughout the workshop, learning the movements of this ancient art and discovering how they are integrated in the knowledge of the Taoist Internal Arts of transformation of body and mind. These teachings are collected and made  available to members by the Gei Pang Lok Hup Academy, founded by Master Moy Lin-shin in 1988. It was certainly a workshop for the history books of the Spanish and European associations, and it will remain in  the memories of the more than 125 members who attended, representing 17 countries, including Canada and the United States. Participants to the workshop took home a wealth of things learned to implement and thus further deepen our understanding and further improve our health.

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  1. May

    The photos look wonderful! Would love to learn this but I think that is for the future!

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