Roundtable on Health Benefits in Hungary Attracts New Members

IMG_1408On March 2, the TTCS of Hungary organized a round-table discussion of the health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi™. We tried this new approach to increase the awareness of the public because the usual forms of advertising were becoming less effective; the number of people starting beginner classes had been declining in the past years.

The round-table discussion was held in Sopron. The city has a population of 60,000 and TTC started here in 2001. The participants were two people with health problems (Parkinson’s and MS), two medical doctors, a member of the board of directors and a moderator. All are active members of the Society. The discussion followed a script put together by the board. The topics related to the Society, Master Moy and the health benefits of our arts.

The weeks previous to the round-table discussion were spent contacting the media, sending letters of invitation to VIPs and all local practitioners, placing posters wherever allowed, including the hospital. There were several interviews with local TV and radio stations, articles and advertisements had appeared in the local press. The week before there was a photo-taking session and a filming of the set for the local TV, both events in the Sopron clubhouse.

The event went very well. By 3 o’clock the room was full with at least 100 people. Many of the faces were new, but there were quite a few former TTC members, as well as members from various locations.

The panel discussion lasted about 90 minutes and there were also questions from the audience. After the program was over many people from the audience stayed and asked questions about the Society and the upcoming beginner classes. They were very impressed by the talk and told us how much they enjoyed the program.

The impact of this event on the number of people who came on the following Tuesday for the starting of new beginner classes in the club was definitely noticeable.

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One response to “Roundtable on Health Benefits in Hungary Attracts New Members

  1. A very good way to let other people know, this ‘live testimonial’!

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