Helping Others: Midwest (USA) Branch Helps Neighbors in Peoria

Members of the Midwest Branch’s Peoria location, in Downstate Illinois, reacted quickly when the town was hit with flooding over the past few weeks.

They collected 68 cans and nine boxes of a variety of foods and three bags of pasta and donated it to the food pantry in the United Presbyterian Church where the Society offers classes. That food pantry is one of Peoria’s food donation drop-off stations.

“We understand that many people in Peoria area are still affected by the flood,” said Atsuko Cummins, who teaches continuing and beginner classes in Peoria and is the location coordinator and branch treasurer. “The donation will go to needed families in Peoria Area. A few members who weren’t at class last week will bring more food donations next week.”

Alexis Presseau Maloof, Mission Committee Chair of the church, thanked the Taoist Tai Chi Society USA for the donation.

“On behalf of the UPC Mission Committee, I wanted to thank you and the Taoist Tai Chi Society for your generous and thoughtful contributions to the food pantry,” Alexis said. “We are so glad to have partners in mission in you and the organization. Thank you!”


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