Amazing workshop and 20th anniversary in Denmark

The 26th, 27th and 28th of April the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Denmark hosted a 3 day IWS and Saturday the 27th we celebrated the our 20th anniversary with a banquet.

It was 3 wonderful days of laughter, letting go, working in groups, chanting in the mornings, and of cause doing lot and lots of tai chi.

The banquet was a happy gathering, with talks, and singing. And a menu from the new Nordic cuisine – a way of cooking using ingredients from Scandinavia – so on our plates we found: fish, pork, lots of local produced vegetables, wild weeds – and flowers! And let’s not forget the dessert with was an old Danish classic Lemon Mousse (yum).

With almost 100 people attending from 9 countries – thank you all for coming.

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  1. My first time in Denmark ever; a good reason to come! The workshop was lovely and amazing, the banquet surprising and wonderfull! My host’s first workshop ever so we could share experiences. Thank you, thank you Denmark.

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