IWS Helmond: Treats, Smiles and Laughs all around!

Last weekend 148 members from 8 different countries joined for an International Workshop in Helmond led by Tony Kwong. At the opening of the workshop the people for whom it was their first International Workshop ever were asked to raise their hands. And we were surprised how many people did. The atmosphere felt very harmonious and relaxed, and even though for many this was a new experience we saw smiling faces everywhere. Tony started with the don-yu and tor-yu and as a treat the first 17 moves of the set. We were all very eager to learn. We worked in small groups and it helped us in working together. And it was a lot of fun too. A moment that made us all laugh was when Tony showed us the hand move in the single whip in a way that was so new to us that we could not copy him. He showed the move again in slow motion which was beautiful to watch but not easy to catch. But we all tried and laughed and tried again. Tony was very patient and helped us all a lot and gave us many things to work on for the coming time, until the next workshop. What a treat. Just as the wonderful meals Blaise and his kitchen team prepared for us. And what a start for those who attended their first International Workshop.


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2 responses to “IWS Helmond: Treats, Smiles and Laughs all around!

  1. JET

    It was a wonderfull and happy weekend. I was struggling already for a while with my Dan yu.
    This because of the spasms and weekness in my legs ( progressif MS ) have become worse. My knees collapse all the time, so i couldn’t find the right allignement anymore while working on the Dan yu bar.
    Tony helped out with a new way of working on my Dan yu again 🙂

    I am sure the pain in my right hip will get better now and more ..

    Thank you everyone!

    JET – Amsterdam

  2. May Ross

    I saw that move in Edinburgh and was baffled and mesmerised by it! Wonderful instructor, thank you Tony.

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