Brandon, FL, Hosts International Workshop

_DSC8692May 25 and 26 were special days here in the Tampa Bay area—they marked Brandon’s International Taoist Tai Chi™ Workshop 2013, led by Jim Nicholson.

Jim opened the workshop with Master Moy’s vision of a place for people to care for each other at another level beyond our practice of the arts he brought to the West when he immigrated to Canada. Jim reminded us of Master Moy’s desire to share more than the physical movements of the set, a rich and priceless gift in itself, but to also share a purpose: to care for one another. He himself was a lesson in why we are here, creating the Society so that young and old could train, live a full life, and be an active part of a community.   Jim noted that it is not really learning techniques; it is deep, transformative training that creates a deep foundation for powerful change that allows us to get access to deeper levels of internal training.

The sounds of chopping and scents wafting from the kitchen stimulated not only appetites, but also the sense of community that sharing a meal inspires. Susan Schuler, president of the Brandon Branch Council, illustrates that with this anecdote: “At the Friday evening meal before the workshop, one of my favorite moments was seeing a brand new student, a lady who had never set foot in our center until our open house three weeks earlier, pitching in with the work of cleaning up after the meal and washing dishes like a long-time member. Here was a person who intuitively understood our culture with such a brief exposure to it and felt so comfortable joining in.”

The entire center was enlivened by all of the activity going on throughout the weekend:  the full practice hall, with quiet harmonious movements accompanied by the rhythmic sounds of knives chopping vegetables.  It is a lot of organization and groundwork that is helping not only us but future generations as well.

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