Italy Celebrates 20th Anniversary During International Workshop

Last May 17-18 the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Italy celebrated the 20th Anniversary during an International Workshop in Florence.


We gave a demo on Friday afternoon, in a garden not far from the club house; then, in a mini parade, we reached the club were celebrations took place: Karen Laughlin,  President of the International Taoist Tai Chi Society, also leader of the workshop,  Carmen Capilla, President of the ERC and co-leader, Lucia Tiribilli, President of TTCS of Italy and Sarah Taddeo, President of Florence branch, gave talks and greetings to authorities, members and friends participating in the event.

The lion dance was performed, the representatives (from 13 different countries!) also greeted the guests, in their language, and finally a joyful banquet was served, with very typical (and very good) italian food, prepared from local members.

A weekend workshop then took place: we were once more guided, gently pushed towards practice and encouraged to deepen single moves, to watch each other, to learn from questions, to go through sensations …

We are back to our lives, to our practice, to our clubs with increased confidence in the form and the Society.

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