Hungary Hosts an International Workshop in Sopron

_DEP1755On the weekend of June 8–9, Hungary hosted an International Workshop in Sopron. With its 155 participants from six different countries this was again the biggest workshop we have organized so far. Members were present from Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The workshop was led by Tony Kwong who made sure we use every possible minute to practice. On the first day we worked on the foundation exercises. We practiced don-yus and tor-yus in small groups and had plenty of time to discover the details of these moves and share our experiences. For many people these were completely new exercises as they have just finished the beginner course. After a long don-yu session and a short break we started working on the beginning of the set. When Tony showed the moves, the big sports hall was absolutely silent, you could only hear the lights buzzing. Then it was our turn to practice the many details that have been shown. We practiced until 10 p.m. with very few breaks but nobody noticed the time since there were so many things to explore.

The next day started again with the foundations and a session of karaoke don-yus with a selection of Hungarian folk songs. The rest of the day was spent with practising the set until Flying at a Slant. Just as yesterday, efficiency was the keyword and even the workshop closing was done in less than five minutes to leave us more time to practice. It was a really intense and rich weekend for us and we all left with new ideas in our heads and new feelings in our bodies.

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