Slovakia Hosts a Mother’s Day Banquet

P1290769Saturday, May 18, 2013, in the premises of the TTCS Centre in Bratislava, Slovakia, we celebrated Mother’s Day. The banquet was held after an intensive that took place in the morning. Shortly after 3 pm the hall was ready for the banquet.

Preparations for the banquet started a lot sooner. About a month prior, at a meeting of the committee and instructors, we decided to try to organize a banquet for the first time for Mother’s Day. The idea was to hold a celebration in our building for mothers, grandmothers, and future mothers, who are members Taoist Tai Chi, and to try to invite and introduce the Society to those who are not members. During the following days it was necessary to inform the members in various cities about the upcoming events, provide for the distribution of tickets, make the schedule for events, find people for the program, and form committees for the hall decorating and cooking of the celebratory meals.

Thirty-six participants of the banquet were welcomed by one of the coordinators, who mentioned the tradition of this holiday and mothers’ irreplaceable place in everyone’s life. President of the TTCS in Slovakia Marek Sedivy thanked the mothers, drew a parallel between the Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi and the symbol of maternity and personally gave each of the women present a rose. After the ceremonial toast, a meal prepared by the members was served. The feast continued, the program moderated by a member of the society. Children played the flute and clarinet, an essay about children’s perception of mothers was read, followed by poetry and short, funny, almost pantomimic performance. The icing on the cake was a performance of an opera singer, a member of the National Opera Theatre in Bratislava. In a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere the banquet continued into the evening hours.

P1290856We had an opportunity to follow up on the idea of organizing a banquet as one of the parts and traditions of our society. We are learning not to be afraid of banquets, to contribute together to the preparations, and even to the course of the banquet itself. Members, mostly practicing in the Centre, are already a harmonious group that can decorate places and ensure the event, a group formed by members who can cook in the traditional style for more people. The list of people willing to contribute to a banquet program is expanding. It is encouraging that despite minor problems, the people responsible are able to dynamically and proactively respond and to do everything necessary for a successful course of action. Perhaps this could be the motivation and encouragement to those who are still hesitating.

According to the participants, the banquet was a pleasant event. At the Centre, we symbolically thanked mothers, grandmothers as well as future mothers. We even managed to invite the mothers who would like to come to the next year’s banquet to get to know our society. A thank you goes to everyone who helped and contributed to the banquet. Hopefully, we are participants in the birth of a new tradition in the Taoist Tai Chi Society in Slovakia.

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