Western Region Gathering and Awareness Day a smash success

The Edmonton branch played host to this year’s Regional Gathering and Awareness Day parade. Over 180 members arrived to warm up at Centennial Plaza which included a 5-minute community service of clearing the plaza of garbage and debris. Spirits were high even though Mother Nature surprised us with a cloud burst that saw everyone scrambling for rain ponchos. A spontaneous collective action of overcoming obstacles saw us doing snakes and a set of Tai Chi in the rainfall.


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4 responses to “Western Region Gathering and Awareness Day a smash success

  1. Karen Fitzgerald

    Green shirts and rain ponchos bring back vivid memories of Ottawa Awareness day a few years ago. Still wish I had been there!

  2. Paulette Fawcett

    Thank you to the members of the Edmonton branch council! They did a wonderful job hosting this beautiful event,

  3. Janice Skeldon - Red Deer, AB

    Edmonton Branch did a wonderful job, it was a really great weekend! Thank you to everyone!

  4. Well done ! – wish I could have been there. Greetings from the UK x

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