Red Deer Branch has moved to a new home!

We were sharing a studio space with another group for a while, and that lease was coming to an end. One of our long-time members knew of a space we might fit into and with the gracious support of Western Region and Head Office, we signed a 5 year lease, with a significant savings in rent.

We quickly got to work fixing things up, we ripped down walls and tore up old flooring. Many tor-yus were done dealing with the floors! Everyone pitched in and helped to create our beautiful new home. We were grateful for our previous space, but had to arrange meetings and classes around other folks’ schedules.

The sense of pride and ownership and responsibility has really blossomed and will continue to make our branch grow as we settle into our new space. We will be having a grand opening/open house later this summer in conjunction with our demos at the local Farmer’s Market, which is just a few blocks away.

We are so excited to be in the heart of downtown and visible, we have already had members of the public just coming in to have a look! As we work on the finishing touches to our new home we anticipate enlivened activity and growth.

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One response to “Red Deer Branch has moved to a new home!

  1. Sharon Halford

    Excellent new Red Deer! Nice that you have a place to call your own.

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