Oregon Branch Marches in Rose Festival Starlight Parade

photoOn June 1, the Portland, Oregon, branch marched as part of the Rose Festival Starlight Parade. More than 250,000 people came out to watch the parade on a beautiful sunny weekend. TTCS was announced several times during the walk and we even received an introduction and quick TV spot as we passed by the media area. Parade organizers only allow 50 people per group to walk and 47 of our members wanted to be part of this project. In anticipation, during May we held three practices and the night before we had a dress rehearsal. The members were dedicated and honored to represent the Taoist Tai Chi Society. Each had LED lights attached to our arms, legs, and fingers. We were told that we had the best lighting; from a distance we looked like floating stars. When those the parade paused we did demonstrations and the crowd cheered. It was fun watching the spectators try to follow along with us. This event was a great community builder and an opportunity for our members to volunteer. The Oregon Branch was happy to be included in one of the largest annual events in the Portland area. We accomplished all our goals: advertising, exposure, demonstrations, and we had a lot a fun in the process.


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