Czech Republic Celebrates 20 Years with International Workshop

Brno01At the end of June, the Czech Republic held an extraordinary event. People from 17 countries came to Brno to take part in an International Instructors Workshop and to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of TTCS of the Czech Republic. For five days Marsha Eberhardt and Bruce McFarlane taught us how to improve our health and how to help other people, working diligently on donyus, toryus and monkeys.

On Thursday evening we moved from the gym to the hotel Voronez, where the 20th anniversary banquet was held. On this special occasion, we had several honorable guests from the city, health, and educational organizations. The program included speeches from the guests, greetings from representatives from the participating countries, talks about health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi and the history of the Czech TTCS. Everything was perfect: people enjoying toast, food, music, talks, presentations, demo and at the end a 20th Anniversary cake. In a really friendly and relaxed atmosphere, the time flew by so quickly.

Brno08On Saturday we had a demo in the Brno main square. Four trams rented specially for us  took us to the city center, where we walked through the streets. The weather was favorable and the mood of people so enthusiastic. In the square we did two sets, brush knees and Lok Hup attracting a lot of attention.

The workshop continued with “hands first” and “letting go.” All participants for sure will remember those congratulation donyus with Happy Birthday in so many languages, in some languages only a few people singing. How brave! It was really a rich and intense workshop.



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2 responses to “Czech Republic Celebrates 20 Years with International Workshop

  1. Bea

    Congratulations. Everyone looks so happy and festive. Great photos.

  2. Csaba

    Congratulations. The organization and all program was excellent 🙂 .

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