Scenes from Day 4: Countdown to Awareness Day

With just one day to go before Awareness Day 2013, the centre was abuzz with activity. A little (or a lot of) rain didn’t stop those groups practicing outside on the deck from finishing the set, until it did, and then we all joined together in the practice hall for standing jongs and karaoke danyus. By the afternoon, the sun was shining, and more than 200 members participated in the Taoist chanting inside and outside the temple. Others practiced standing mediation. There were more buns, more meetings, and more preparations for tomorrow’s festivities in Yonge-Dundas Square. Thanks to Frank Duffy for capturing it all in pictures.


Filed under Canada, Chanting, CIT Week, Cultural Exchange, Events, Festivals, Fung Loy Kok, Tai Chi for All, Workshop Watch

2 responses to “Scenes from Day 4: Countdown to Awareness Day

  1. I so wish I could be there. Good luck everyone.!

  2. Amanda Lyon

    Oh, Frank and Mitchell thank you sooooo much for posting all these images and accounts. I appreciate them even more when I’m not attending. Can’t wait for the pics of Awareness Day. I’m dancing in the streets with you today down in North Carolina. ~ aL

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