The Final Cut: NYC Tri-State Branch in New Music Video by Vensaire

Earlier this year the NYC Tri-State branch was asked by Ruben Woodin Dechamps, a British music producer, if our members would be willing to participate in the filming of a music video for an up-and-coming, Brooklyn-based band called Vensaire. The band was setting their videos in various New York City scenes, including a neighborhood diner. They wanted to set one of their songs, “Live Over Troutman Street” on Brooklyn rooftops with people doing tai chi around them. Our members rallied into action, building an electronic sign up sheet, coordinating various t-shirt colors, riding the subway out to Bushwick, and all-in-all having a blast doing multiple sets on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!


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8 responses to “The Final Cut: NYC Tri-State Branch in New Music Video by Vensaire

  1. Cathy

    Way to go!! Very cool

  2. Aurie Dolata

    Enjoyed the graceful moves!

  3. Azalee

    It was great I am from Brooklyn, but now live in Florida………

  4. Terryl

    Definitely different demo! Thanks from Edmonton, in the Western Region.

  5. Barbara

    I really like it. It’ very interesting and worth watching. I’m from Kraków,Poland and I’ve been practicing Tai Chi for 6 years.

    • Larry Kay

      Hi Barbara Here it is 2015! My grandparents are from Krakow. I’ve been practicing for 5 years. Would enjoy talking with you. Larry

  6. Maisie

    Loved it! What fun! Justin Bieber next!

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