UK Hosts It’s First Lok Hup Week

IMG_3350-LThe new UK National Centre in Edinburgh hosted it’s first-ever Lok Hup workshop this week. Some 130 people attended from all over the world, including members from Great Britain, Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia. There was a diverse variety of Lok Hup experience in the group ranging from “first-timers,” “first-halfers,” and those “familiar” with the elusive second half. The instruction was simple and presented in such a relaxed and light-hearted manner that it couldn’t fail to help us achieve a more relaxed and simple form.

“Your arms are not made of wood” was just one of the helpful one liners from Chris Lewis that injected some humour but also contained an important lesson that stuck with us throughout the workshop. We explored how to soften our arms and how they are always moving—expanding and contracting with the whole body.

As always, we shared some fantastic meals together thanks to the kitchen crew. All participants got involved in working together to help care for the centre, which had much the same feeling as the Lok Hup—light, relaxed, and fun!

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Thoughts from some of the workshop participants:

“There was a feeling of lightness throughout the whole workshop”

“I enjoyed meeting people from different cultures”

“Given me a whole new viewpoint on Lok Hup and Tai Chi”

“A hugely enjoyable workshop. Hard work but great fun!”

“For me it was about letting go and rediscovering what it meant to be a beginner again, but also building on the Tai Chi foundation”

“Gentle and informative”

“A real family feel”

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One response to “UK Hosts It’s First Lok Hup Week

  1. Steve Gifford

    I really enjoyed the event at the New National Centre and hope to re visit soon.
    Steve Gifford GB

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