Fremantle Fung Loy Kok 20th Anniversary

The Fung Loy Kok shrine at our Fremantle branch in Western Australia was inaugurated in 1993. On 8th of September 2013, one hundred and forty members joined a joyous celebration of the shrine’s 20th anniversary. Activities included chanting, a talk about the meaning of the shrine and its components, a tai chi set in the car park, and a complementary lesson in the first move of Lok Hup. Then the anniversary cake was cut and everyone enjoyed a delicious high tea (albeit in the morning!) prepared by Fremantle members. Following this, members offered incense at the shrine.

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2 responses to “Fremantle Fung Loy Kok 20th Anniversary

  1. Steve Gifford

    Congratulations to the Freemantle branch…Steve GB

  2. Brian Lam

    Great to see! Love the chocolate cake before the altar.

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