Bratislava Hosts Record-Breaking International Workshop

On the 21st and 22nd of September, Bratislava hosted a wonderful event—an International Workshop. The workshop was attended by 155 participants from eight countries. Chris Lewis from Toronto led the workshop and it was amazing. Participants did a lot of push-hands, and even those people who didn’t like this move before, loved it after this workshop. The instruction was simple: try to help with the move without too much talking. Sometimes it was easy, because the two people didn’t speak the same language, sometimes it was not. But all of us tried. We went through some other movements from the set, too. It was a really wonderful week-end.

This workshop was big challenge for us, because there were about 50% more participants than we usually have. We were afraid that the gym would be too small for so many people and we were worried how feed so many people at our clubhouse, which is not big enough for 150 people to dine. But we managed it. We even found out that in the gym can accommodate even more than 155 people practicing Taoist Tai Cho, so we hope next year there will be even more people attending the workshop. We had to divide people into two groups for lunch and dinner, and this worked out well. Everyone was very helpful and everyone at the workshop helped with serving food, washing dishes and all kind of tasks which were necessary to do. All went very smoothly, relaxed and fun!

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