IIWS in Helmond, where time flies.

Last week an International Instructors Workshop took place in the Centre Netherlands in Helmond. 251 Participants from 18 countries came for this 5-days workshop which was led by Andrew Hung and Marsha Eberhardt. We worked intensively on don-yu’s, tor-yu’s and push hands with the emphasis on transferring the weight, letting go, holding the ball (everywhere) and finding balance. Besides the tai chi we worked in small groups on different tasks which gave us all a chance to participate and a way to get to know other participants and the Centre. Because of this we all felt very much at home really quick. Because of the tai chi the atmosphere became very quiet and by diligently working together we forgot every sense of time. When new participants arrived for the weekend they got an update on what we had done the first three days of the workshop. But when both workshop leaders kept referring to the first three days as the first three weeks of the workshop….we all knew that time really flies. This is also why we already are looking forward to next year’s edition which will be held in  September 2014. For which, of course, you are all invited!

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One response to “IIWS in Helmond, where time flies.

  1. Robert from Ireland

    It was a wonderful experience. What a difference a five day workshop can make with Andrew and Marsha’s guidance and instruction. My tor-yus and don-yus are different now and I am focused on balance, alignment and softness of upper body with feet getting heavier all the time. The group camaraderie and hospitality was quite an experience.

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