Taoist Chanting video: “Pure and Refined Ceremony Honouring the Dippers”

We are happy to present this video of Taoist chanting, which was created and produced at our International Centre.

The “Pure and Refined Ceremony Honouring the Dippers” is a very ancient text. It invokes the name and the power of many heavenly lords. It is particularly renowned for dispersing disasters, increasing blessings, and for health and longevity.

Much of the scripture itself records a message from Lord Lao – Lao Tzu – to the Heavenly Master, an historical figure and one of the founders of religious Taoism. He lived in the 2nd and 3rd centuries of the Common Era. The scripture is particularly helpful for birthdays and happy occasions, and is also chanted on the occasion of the full moon and the new moon. It expresses the interconnection that the Taoists understand between the external universe (outside of ourselves) and the internal universe (inside ourselves), and it resonates with things that are familiar to many of us who practice the Taoist arts. The Picture of the Internals, for example, the famous document from the White Cloud Temple in Beijing, shows, among other things, the Stepping Up to Form Seven Stars at the heart level in its map of the movement of internal energy. We have Stepping Up to Form Seven Stars in the tai chi set. And the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper are a featured part of the poetry of this ceremony.

Chanting itself, we know, helps increase our own health; it helps benefit others as we chant on their behalf; and it brings together many aspects of our Taoist training. We hope that you will find the “Pure and Refined Ceremony Honouring the Dippers” to be of great interest and great benefit.

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