St. Petersburg, Florida, Hosts Regional Workshop & Meeting

_DSC0857For the third year, St.Petersburg hosted the South East Regional Management (SERM) workshop. And what a festive event it was. With 123 workshop participants, including 30 CITs, billets, and airport pickups, we were off to a running start. Karen Laughlin, International President of TTCS, was our workshop leader, assisted by members of the National and Regional Instruction Committee: Bob Varley, Pegoty Packman, and Mary Lou Gabbert. Similar to CIT week, members were placed into groups of seven or eight, thus, giving them the opportunity to work on their tai chi and receive individual attention.

The theme of Health Recovery permeated SERM, with strong encouragement from Bob Varley, President of SERM, for all, especially instructors, to consider attending a Health Recovery week as a way of better helping our students.

_DSC0697Jane Edwards, President of the USA TTCS, gave us an update on the “Fenway,” a building that TTCS was considering purchasing. Currently, the purchase is on hold, but still being considered. Jane’s words of wisdom for us were to pay attention to the day-to-day affairs of our centers and not be in a hurry. These things take time and will happen at the right time. She cited as an example the planning, the preparation, and the building of the Quiet Cultivation Center in Orangeville, and how everything came together at its proper time.

Led by Mary Churchill of Tallahassee, and Jean Swantish of St.Petersburg, the kitchen crew did an amazing job keeping us energized and well nourished throughout the weekend.

The finale on Sunday included early morning bagels and coffee with tai chi at Crescent Lake before chanting at the center. As is tradition, the weekend ended with gift of the Red Envelope to the instructor, which began as a way of thanking our founder and teacher Master Moy. Before we knew it, we were saying our goodbyes to our friends from far away and looking forward to the next workshop where we shall meet again.

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