Switzerland Holds an International Intensive

On the 15th of October, the recently founded Taoist Tai Chi Society of Switzerland hosted its very first international event: an Intensive held on a Tuesday evening in Lausanne. We were very excited to welcome Marsha Eberhardt along with 27 members, some of whom had travelled long distances to join us for this special event. With six members from France, one form Germany, 20 from Switzerland and of course Marsha from Canada, the atmosphere truly conveyed the wonderfully international spirit of the Taoist Tai Chi family. Marsha opened her instructions by revealing to us what the secret and key to Taoist Tai Chi was: “Find balance, have fun, and keep coming!”


We all enjoyed Marsha‘s instructions on improving our toryu by focusing on transferring the weight and our donyu by letting go and pushing from the feet. The time flew, and after a break with tea and delicacies from Lausanne, Zürich and Schaffhausen (the three areas of Switzerland where Taoist Tai Chi is established) we practiced some more. Before long it was time to say our farewells and travel on in all directions. It was a wonderful event that enriched us in many ways and it was beautiful to see how the new members felt excited and inspired by their first glimpse of understanding the breadth of what Master Moy left to us.

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