Widening smiles in the Canadian Maritimes

On Friday, October 3rd, the Atlantic Region had the pleasure of welcoming Tony Kwong for his first trip to the Canadian Maritimes. After a late flight in, he was able to take a tour of our beautiful Centre located in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. Some of us had tea while the rest of theovernighters quietly made their places for bed.

The next morning found our peace and quiet transformed into a glad hubbub of registration, warm smiles and, of course, many more hot cups of PuErh. Eightyfour instructors and continuing students from across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, PEI and Quebec began the day’s first Tai Chi set together, with a bright sky outside the main floor windows. In fact, the weather for the entire weekend was a cloudless blue, so that during tea breaks and after meal cleanups many workshoppers poured out onto the front steps and beyond for a piece of sun and fresh air.

A few participants were able to show Tony around on Sunday afternoon on a walk through the Public Gardens minutes away, as well by the city Commons, whose green spaces grace our location just across the road. A few of the highlights from indoors: a delightfully tuneful (and new tunes too!) karaoke danyu session before lunch on Sunday; wonderful small groups where we practiced and practiced our improving toryus and even some French; new and old friends met at dinner or in the kitchen, or china room, or bathroom, or laundry room; an impromptu chess game over the coffee table; hauling grey tubs of tea cups and dirty dishes down to the basement dishwasher; eating the best pumpkin pie east of Montreal, topped with too much fresh whipped cream. But it was the light atmosphere out of which easy laughter and conversation came that, for many, will remain the colour and memory of our time together led by Tony. With his simple instructions and attentive care we kept listening and kept trying again.

By Sunday evening, many smiles were wider, bodies a little more opened up, and our inspiration quietly confirmed: to discover our bodies more, to discover our compassion and to see more clearly our late Master Moy’s vision to share those discoveries with others.

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