Tallahassee Hosts Workshop, Annual USA Meeting

_DSC1009It was a true pleasure to participate in the five-day workshop in Tallahassee, Florida last week. Marsha Eberhardt taught us about “tai chi 24/7.” This teaching was reinforced by the longer, five days’ worth of practice together. The wonderful feelings followed us from the practice hall through the meals together into the break time—around again and again for five days. It was like living the Chinese saying “standing sitting walking sleeping.”

Toward the end of the workshop, Marsha asked us to describe the experience of “tai chi 24/7” with just one word, here are just a few of the one-word answers: dedication, practice, fun, balance, patience, and commitment.


We had a chance to improve our direction, intention and feeling of donyu, toryu, wave hands like clouds, push needle to sea bottom, the strike tiger series of moves, and more. Also, we had a chance to hear about all of the wonderful work that the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA has accomplished in the past year during our Annual Meeting.

In all, there were 146 participants from nearly every state where we have a presence. We left refreshed, energized and looking forward to the next chance for training!

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