Wintertime Tai Chi in Belgium

The good thing about winter is you have to do more tai chi to keep warm. So on November 30, we all wore our gloves and hats and went out to the historical center of Brussels for a demo. Many passers-by were thrilled by our movements and our glowing bracelets.

DSCN0768The demo was so successful that we decided to repeat it on December 21 in another crowded square of the city center.

The week after, on December 7, we celebrated the end of a very successful year in our main location. Over 60 people from all branches came with plenty of delicious food so we could try the new round tables that one participant made.


The atmosphere was very joyful and reached its climax during the raffle when one participant celebrated her birthday by winning a t-shirt. But the biggest prize, half the price of an International Workshop, was won by a newer participant who will soon be attending her very first workshop.

tirage tombla 07 12 2013

Wintertime is really delightful when you get to do so much tai chi!



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2 responses to “Wintertime Tai Chi in Belgium

  1. Great! Too bad I was not there!

  2. Eric Lim

    Lucky you. Here in Malaysia, it is hot and humid. We sweat a lot just doing the Standing Exercises.

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