Healthy Lantern Assembly!

Participants of last week’s Health Recovery Week were having fun with assembling the lanterns for the upcoming Lantern Festival!

The Lantern Festival marks the beginning of the Chinese year and represents one of the many cultural traditions that Master Moy shared with us. It is also the occasion for all people to gather to celebrate. The Lantern Festival is one of the most important fundraising events of Fung Loy Kok. Traditionally, clubs and members from around the globe participate in the Lantern Festival by requesting Lantern Blessings and purchasing a lantern. Fung Loy Kok will hold the Lantern Festival with its Jai banquet on: Sunday, February 15, 2014, at noon at the International Centre in Mono (Orangeville), Canada. We hope that you will join us to celebrate this event!

Order forms for Lanterns and/or Blessings are available at your club. To be blessed during the Lantern Festival, all orders must be received NO LATER THAN JANUARY 31, 2014 .
FLK cannot commit to sending lanterns with requested blessings after that date. So make sure you get your order in! The Lantern Festival

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  1. Looks like fun! Jean LG

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