Dunedin Hosts International Workshop

_DSC1381Dunedin Branch on the Gulf coast of Florida (65°F) hosted a major International workshop on January 18-19 with more than 170 participants, representing every branch in the Southeast, other regions of the US and Canada, and the UK.

Tony Kwong, an International Instructor who is on the Board of Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism—Taoist Tai Chi International, led the workshop assisted by Karen Laughlin, Pegoty Packman and Allen Pearce. Tony’s demonstrations of the form and his work with the group leaders kept all of us deeply focused on our training. While the hall was full, we broke out into 15 small groups to work on the moves Tony demonstrated so each attendee could benefit from individual attention from the group leader and the other group members. Tony also took a turn in food preparation, showing the cooking skills he developed in his career as one of Toronto’s most successful restaurateurs. The branch has completed a deck and patio outside the hall for cooking _DSC1417and cleanup, an arrangement that worked very well and enabled the production of delicious meals.

Those attending agreed that the workshop was outstanding. We felt and saw remarkable improvement in the moves we practiced, greeted old friends, formed new friendships, enjoyed great food and just had a lot of fun. The event also gave the Tampa Bay area branches an opportunity to meet informally. Rumor has it that the conversations over lunch and dinner developed initial plans for the International Instructors Workshop, “IIW” the next and even bigger event scheduled from 26 February to 2 March in Dunedin.

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