Czech Republic Hosts 1st International Workshop of 2014

The Czech capital of Prague was the site of the first International Taoist Tai Chi Workshop from January 11 to 12.

IWS Praha 2014 3

Some 215 participants representing nine European countries came together. The workshop was led by Judy Millen. Martina Pavlovicova from Slovakia, and Robert Szaj from Poland, both regular instructors and members of the European Council assisted her.

Judy came back to Prague after several years and we welcomed her with almost spring-like weather with great pleasure. After the twenty-hour flight from  frozen Canada she took the lead of the workshop with unbelievable energy and vitality. We managed to exercise our bodies, quiet our spirits and sharpen our brains. All together and later in small groups of twenty we practiced monkeys, separations, kicks and also a lot of donyus, toryus and snakes. Judy was able to be strict and witty at the same time and thanks to her the whole workshop had a very focused and relaxed atmosphere.

IWS Praha 2014 5But the workshops are not only about practicing. Thanks to Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism the participants had opportunity to learn other aspects of Taoist arts. For example, the participants of this workshop had a chance to try the lying meditation and morning chanting. Workshops are also interwoven with telling stories and this one was no exception. This time we got an opportunity to discuss the eight virtues, first in small groups under the supervision of our group leaders, and later all together. It was amazing to watch how the hall during the discussing became full of mutual understanding and solidarity.

The first workshop of this year was really successful. All participants took home a lot of new knowledge of the practice, new personal tasks and as we hope also a feeling of pleasant weekend. Big thanks to all organizers and especially to Judy Millen for her amusing and energetic leadership of the workshop. We can only hope to we meet her again soon.

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  1. Daniel Oen

    Hi from Sydney Branch, Australia. it’s amazing to get news from the Czech Republic. Great to know that these workshops are right around the globe. You are most welcome to visit the Sydney Branch when you are visiting.

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