Balance, Pain, Yawning & More at Brandon’s International Instructor Workshop

ChoppingThe Brandon Branch hosted a 5-day International Instructor Workshop at the Dunedin Center, February 25-March 2. Sixty members attended the first three days of the workshop and were joined by 46 more for the weekend.

Andrew Hung was our instructor, assisted by Karen Laughlin and Sean Dennison. Andrew stressed the importance of understanding pain.  Throughout the workshop participants came forward to describe pain they were experiencing in a move and we all watched with Andrew as they did the move, then as he suggested changes they could make to relieve the pain. This was an incredibly beneficial experience for the instructors there, since, as Andrew pointed out, if you don’t have pain, you need to learn from the pain of others how to do a move without pain.

Being balanced and centered in all we do was our number one goal throughout the workshop. In addition to learning from pain, we concentrated on being centered and balanced in the foundations and as we did many Brush Knees and Wave Hands. We also learned to drop like a water melon, to exercise the bone, to shift our weight digitally and hydraulically , relax our elbows, drop into the front foot, keep our knees over our toes, and connect our arms to our whole body.

Karen introduced us to our Spiderman suit, the composite of our muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia—connective tissue in general. Andrew provided insight into the Eastern medicine connected with our whole bodies and Paul Rubin provided a Western Medicine perspective. The kitchen, guided by Virginia Amos, provided delightfully tasty meals to help us maintain our energy and incorporate the changes we were experiencing. And, we learned how to yawn (hint:  keep your elbows down).

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