Exploring the Feminine Side in a weekend of Women and the Taoist Tai Chi™ Arts

Soft, relaxed and ever-so enriching, we had a great time learning about the Taoist Tai ChiTM  arts as they apply to the female body.  The workshop was held at the International Centre in Mono, Ontario and was led by Catherine Ip. We did dan yu’s! We did tor yu’s! We worked on fair lady works shuttles and parting wild horse’s mane. Catherine helped us to deepen our understanding of the movements and discussed some of the differences between female and male bodies.  The atmosphere was quite playful and at the same time we really worked hard. The workshop ended with some heartfelt reminders from Catherine. She talked about the importance to care for others and to apply this to our tai chi instruction. Finally, she reminded us to cherish what we have learned and to do our best to retain it.

We also enjoyed some excellent (and very colorful) food, there were lots of laughs and we even solved a riddle. What do you call a group of turkeys? There were some creative and hilarious answers, but, alas, no one knew the answer. After some quick Googling we discovered a group of Turkeys is either a rafter or a gang of Turkeys.

There remains only one question to ask, where were all the men?! We only had 2 men out of 40! C’mon guys, we can do way better than this.  You’ll see benefits in your own tai chi, your understanding of the art, and ability to help students both male and female. So, come and join us next time!

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