International Instructors Workshop at the Southern European Centre in Madrid, Spain.

We can say it has been an eventful week, with an attendance of 157 members. Marsha shared with all of us her knowledge of Master Moy’s teachings. We practiced and learned at the same time the Taoist Tai Chi™  arts  and standing meditation. Every morning for the five-day workshop, in front of the Fung Loy Kok High Shrine we practiced the chants of the three great religions of China, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. A source of inspiration for all of us to calm the mind and spirit, and start the day in good spirits.

Members from 16 countries gathered at the Southern European Centre, where the workshop took place. We lived five days from morning to night like a big family, sharing experiences and working together in the different tasks at the Centre. Members from different countries and languages were able to learn together, from each other, with the same intention, with the same goal: improve our health and be useful to others. The centre was very well looked after. Cleaning, small maintenance tasks, administration, transportation and other various tasks were performed at the time without being a burden for participants. You could say without a doubt that the Southern European Centre was everyone’s home, in which we all felt both hosts and guests at the same time.

In the kitchen, as always the atmosphere of joy and relaxation from the cook and helpers, was transmitted to the practice hall and helped us apply to the movements Marsha’s instructions to “let it go” and have fun.

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