A Weekend of Learning and Sharing in Costa Rica

DSCN2661The weekend of February 15 and 16 Costa Rica hosted an International Taoist Tai Chi Workshop in the European School, a beautiful place surrounded by big trees and large green areas, not far from our club. We received the graceful visit of Judy Millen as our International Instructor, along with many participants from Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, USA and of course Costa Rica. A total of 95 i received the clear-cut instructions to help us continue developing in our tai chi journey.

Throughout the weekend we shared the Taoist arts, heard insightful stories and talks about the constant process of change and the importance of diminishing the ego. Judy was very emphatic about the structure of the movements and how daily practice would help our body to find the precise structure in order to receive all the health benefits from these arts. It is beautiful to be aware of how these teachings about the movements also replicate in daily life. Without a doubt working in harmony, together as a group, was the key.

DSCN2613In the course of the workshop we worked in pairs and sometimes in small groups, shared our experiences, enjoyed ourselves and learn from each other like members of the big family that we are, and also we reflected on the meaning of health in this particular context, so we could identify the richness of the Taoist tradition and the powerful gift of these arts. In different ways our love for these arts grew bigger during the weekend and hopefully the commitment to our journey did too.

The day after the workshop we were very lucky to receive an intensive in our club, which was also instructed by Judy Millen, who reinforced many of the things we reviewed over the weekend. Other members that couldn´t assist to the workshop had the opportunity to play with some “new” ideas that help us open our mind and bodies.

We are grateful for the opportunity that was given to us, also for our friends from other countries that came to join us, but most important, with Master Moy for making Taoist Tai Chi available to us all.

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One response to “A Weekend of Learning and Sharing in Costa Rica

  1. Jill Patterson

    You know an experience is rich when it stays with you two months after returning home; such is the experience of the Costa Rica 2014 workshop. The internal fires are still aglow.
    Some highlights include the warm and friendly reception of our Costa Rican family; joining the Health Recovery class leading up to the workshop and meeting members who, every day, face severe health challenges and seeing the weekend workshop boost their spirit and help them achieve new personal goals; many positive people enjoying themselves working together and my gracious hostess taking me under her wing.
    With such a beautiful location and (only a little over a two hour flight from Miami) at a time of year when temperatures plummet in the north, I am sure word is spreading that this is a perfect opportunity to deepen your knowledge of TTC while spreading your wings in warm temperatures with warm people.
    Jill from Key Largo, Florida

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