Largest demo ever at Grand Opening of Train Station Rotterdam

In honour of the Grand Opening of the new Central Station of Rotterdam we were asked to participate in the festivities. King Willem Alexander opened the new station and started off a week of all sorts of activities. On Sunday more than 165 members from all over The Netherlands, and also some from Belgium, met in the hall of the new Central Train Station of Rotterdam to give the largest demostration ever in the 25 year history of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the Netherlands. The fun started before the demonstration. Most members came to Rotterdam by train. As it stopped at the stations members were spotted who were also on their way to the demonstration.

At the meeting point in the central hall of the station the group kept getting bigger and bigger as people arrived from all corners of the country. There were smiling faces all around. From 10 till 11 AM we moved in harmony doing 4 sets. The colourful group attracted lots of attention from travellers and from people visiting the new train station. Through a local soundsystem Vera gave general information about the Tai Chi and members were standing by to talk to those who wanted more information. After the demonstration smiles were even bigger. What a great way to start your Sunday morning surrounded by your Taoist Tai Chi family! Afterwards members lingered and shared their thoughts about this great demonstration.

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