Turning sap into syrup…  

Now that the temperatures are rising, the sap has started flowing from the Maple trees at the Centre. Turning this sap into syrup is quite the process, one where beakers and a microscope meet the pots, pans and the stove…. It’s truly fascinating!
For instance, did you know it takes about 30 gallons of sap to produce 1 liter of syrup?
A lot of work, science and learning is going on in the kitchen right now, if you want to come over and help and be part of it, you’re of course most welcome!
Since the sap flow and thus the work is weather dependant, contact the centre to check if there is something happening syrup-wise: +1 (519) 941-5981.

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One response to “Turning sap into syrup…  

  1. bfleet

    We used to make syrup in the back yard and cooked it on a wood stove made out if an old barrel. It’s a great way to get outside this time of year.

    I think your ratio is incorrect. 30-40 gals from Sugar Maples should make a gallon of syrup, not a litre. Red Maple, which is mostly what we had, requires more.

    Sorry I’m too far away to help. Maybe I’ll be there for the honey harvest. I used to keep bees. That was fun, too.

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