A lovely start to a New Year in Costa Rica

Moved, informed and grateful
Our New Year Banquet and celebration of the Lantern Festival was celebrated with guests including the owner of the building we rent and call home, together with a Doctor from the main hospital in the Capital and another form the local health service and their families. They were moved, informed and grateful for the experience.

In harmony with the cycles
We reflected on the activities of the year past and looked forward to the year of the Wood yang horse sharing some aspects of that symbolism; considering that if we choose to be in harmony with the cycles this would be a good year to start afresh and pace yourself well, with new growth and the fire to see it through in a balanced manner.

Sharing images
We shared images of the some activities that reflect that the “light in the window” continues to burn brightly; visits to families in the communities with food, clothes, school items etc, parties for the families at Christmas both locally and in Orotina (a more rural area). Images of pure joy, a reflection of what we can accomplish together in the simple action of service to others. We talked about demonstrations through the year, TV coverage, seniors homes visits, presentations at health fairs and conferences, our new locations in Grecia making its first steps and the International workshop we had just enjoyed, deepening our understanding and renewing our commitment to grow.

Heart stirring testimonials
We shared images of the Dutch flavoured Christmas party and heard testimonials that stirred the heart. Liseth’s journey with juvenile arthritis from being confined to bed, through working on the recovery practicing the arts prone, then seated and now standing, giving her hope and the capacity to embrace life. She is an inspiring and wonderful example of how trust in Taoist Tai Chi can change our lives and add life to our years. A lovely start to a New Year and we wish to share a few of these images and reflections in a series of short blogs to follow.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!


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