Taoist Tai Chi in the downtown whirl

The door-bell of the Budapest club is ringing every minute…..
people are gathering in their turquoise T-shirts…. the table is laid and filled with cookies. A small group engages in a vivid discussion of events associated with the 20th anniversary of the Taoist Tai Chi Society in Hungary.

In 2014, the Society organizes 20 public open-air demonstrations at various locations throughout the country: in the cities of Budapest, Sopron, Eger and Győr. The series of demos started 29th March on a bright spring Saturday afternoon. We occupied a busy downtown square not far from the club in Budapest in order to show the 108 movements to the public. Members of all ages were present among the ca. 50 participants.

Due to a club event held after the demonstration and centered on seniors, elderly members of the Society showed up in a considerable number – affirming that tai chi is a form suited for and enjoyed by people of all ages. Passers-by as well as guests of a nearby café took delight in watching and photographing the unusual sight, and gave us a warm applause at the end.

At our future demos we aim to draw in those interested, thus living up to our motto for the anniversary year: “20 years in Hungary – 20 demonstrations throughout the country – 20 minutes of tai chi for your health”! This will take place, among others, at a nocturnal event called the Night of Sports in June within the framework of a nationwide health campaign. A monumental demonstration is scheduled on 11th June as part of the 3 days program in Budapest, after which a festive banquet will follow.

Hopefully, many Society members will attend and we can make this a memorable celebration for all of them. We are looking forward with great enthusiasm to this eventful period to come!

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One response to “Taoist Tai Chi in the downtown whirl

  1. Judit Altenburger-Olah

    OOOPS! It is the 11th of July – part of the IWS in Hungary, combined with the 20the Anniversary celebration.

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