TTCS GB part of celebrating a new connection between East and West

TTCS GB was offered a unique opportunity to be part of the celebrations and promotion of a new connection between East and West in the form Air China flights from Beijing to Gatwick, London. We were contacted by social media company The Rabbit Agency and after several weeks of negotiations and planning we recorded this short video advising of some of the benefits of TTC to travelling on a long flight.

On 30 March when the first flights began to arrive a small group gathered together to perform three sets of tai chi in the departure area of the North Terminal. Among the onlookers were dignitaries from Air China, Gatwick and The Rabbit Agency who were all very happy with how the promotion went.

In between sets our group were escorted to and from a comfortable waiting area and the Six Harmonies Lion Dance group performed their lion dance.

Unfortunately a planned backdrop of our logo didn’t materialise but there were a lot of interested travellers and we had our usual t-shirt backs printed onto the Air China t-shirts. Also the event has a lot of cover on Facebook, Twitter and the Gatwick Airport sites so it should help further the aims and objectives.

During our last set the music from the video was played and it was interesting to see that a bit of sound attracted many more onlookers.

Those who participated had a lot of fun, enjoyed a new experience and met some really friendly people from Air China, Gatwick and The Rabbit Agency. We would like to wish them all the very best with their new venture and thank them for taking such good care of us.

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