What to & How to post on the blog

What’s the best way to get something posted on the blog? 

Send in the following to blog[at]taoist.org

– A title of your post
– The text of your post (if any)
– The selection photo’s to include in the post (if any).

The text:
Put the the title & text in the e-mail, preferably not in an attached word or text document.

Please do not send us ALL the images, just the selection of images you want included.

If you can, please resize your images so they are not bigger than 1 MB each.
If you don’t know how to do this and there is nobody near you that can help, we’ll resize them for you but:
– make sure to send the images in a separate e-mail from the text and title of your post and
– let us know how many you are sending.
In case the e-mails get stuck due to size, then we’ll know they never arrived.
(If you are comfortable using dropbox, you can share the images with us that way).

What kind of things can go on the blog?
The blog is a great place to share many and all kinds of stories, experiences, events and – of course – pictures with everybody.  Workshop reports are great stories to share, but many other kinds stories can be shared!  It can be a personal story,  a single photo with a caption of a club event, a little note on what is happening at a Centre, a link to an article about us elsewhere online….. it can be something small and local as well as something huge and international!

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