A light in the window is burning brightly.

A year ago (on the blog) I shared some reflections on Master Moy sharing part of his vision with us “that if someone really needed help wherever they lived, they would be able to find a light in the window in our home and come and find help”.

This year we have been able to provide ongoing support for many families with food, clothes, school items beyond the resources of many, and frequent visits to review specific needs and help with them. With the experience and connections of members we have also been able to help some to traverse the complex administration systems needed to acquire appropriate documentation for children and permission to access services which they will need in the future. We have developed links with other organizations to help in shared efforts to bring relief to the suffering of those less fortunate in our communities.

This past Christmas Season we were able to offer parties for families in need that we support both in the Heredia area and Orotina (over the mountains on the west side of the country). For many, these events provide the only opportunity for the families to go anywhere together as a whole just to enjoy being. This year the traditional games were extended to include pinning the tail on the donkey and a “tug of war” and the sitting on balloons to burst them was hugely animated. We offered photos of the children from last year’s party which Mum’s and Dad’s seemed equally delighted to select. There were games and music for young and old, plenty of food and one member’s mother made beautiful festive bags we filled with fruit, nuts and candies for the children to take home. There were supplies of food and hygiene materials to carry families through the season and much cause for joy.

The party in Orotina was in a more rural area and the fiesta was outside allowing us to also make giant bubbles and enjoy the celebrations of life surrounded by abundant vegetation and blue skies. It was great to see the children working together to paint thank you posters to the many members and friends who have provided the support and resources throughout the year. Then the games and piñata outdoors were enjoyed with equal relish to those indoors (from the party at the Clubhouse) and it is amazing the huge quantities of food little bodies can pack away. One or two grandmas we overjoyed to receive fabric dolls as they had never had one in all their lives. The logistics were a challenge but several members were able to offer transport for food parcels, various supplies, prepare food and collect and return the families from a wider area. The experience was appreciated by all and offered the opportunity for more members to share some time with the families in need. The party was during the day but it was late at night before we finished delivering the last of the food parcels and balloons to some families further afield.

We offer a few images that capture some of these moments of pure joy and lift the spirit.

– Peter Turner, Heredia, Costa Rica.

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