A taste of Holland in Costa Rica

Part of the end year seasonal celebrations in the club is a Christmas Party for members and their families. This year had a Dutch theme and Tineke and Marjon with other member’s family and friends provided an amazing experience of cultural exchange. From samples of breakfast foods to cheeses and tulips, traditional dress, clogs, music and dances to try, images of the Netherlands through the seasons – a great chance to enjoy sights sounds and tastes of many aspects of Dutch life.

A special effort was made by Alejandra who learned about Black Pete (Sinterklaas helper) then with costume (17th-century page in a colourful dress, with a lace collar, and donning a feathered cap) and make up gave a superb portrayal of the traditional character. Cleaning off the makeup was a challenge but she had a lot of fun and really entered into the spirit of the role providing treats and jokes and encouraging participation of everyone. Tineke narrated the traditions of Christmas in Holland and facilitated the learning of dances which got everyone moving. Dancing with clogs was a new experience several tried and accordion accompaniment of Maas provided a really great feel to the experience.

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A diverse and wonderful session of music followed with violin, guitars, harmonica and vocals with Andres, DJ and Dimas contributing with their different styles and Percy’s husband Olger and sons played as a trio for the first time.
The participation of these very gifted set of family members further enriched the evening.

We rounded off with a raffle of traditional Dutch fare and one of Victoria’s paintings (Aves de paraiso flowers) for families in need.

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