Spring Tai Chi Week

Sixty-five participants from Canada ( Halifax to Nanaimo), the USA ( New Hampshire, New York, Kentucky, Florida, Texas), Costa Rica and Mexico gathered at the International Centre. Marsha Eberhardt led the week program with Judy Millen helping to make an awesome “tag team”.

Of course, we worked on foundations as well as the set – dropping elbows, standing all the way up, dropping, resisting, turning, turning, turning…trying to get “into the body”. The opportunity to chant every morning and do standing meditation daily and sleeping meditation once during program completed the body, mind, spirit experience available to those who wanted it.

The energy and enthusiasm did not diminish during the tasks around the Centre – veggie chopping, washing dishes, housekeeping chores, cleaning up the yard after a very messy winter – all of which afforded us the opportunity to get to know one another better.

The group was invited to join Tony Kwong’s regular Tuesday evening class where the whole group was encouraged to learn by observing and listening as Tony made corrections to certain individuals. This was indeed a much appreciated bonus to an already full program.

Of special interest were some talks. There was obvious nostalgia during “storytime” when some of the long-time participants talked about their experiences, Mr. Moy, and the early days of the organization. An explanation was attempted of the term “Turtle Mountain” as used by Master Moy. Since this year is the 30th anniversary of the Centre, there were memories of the beginnings of this special place and further talk about present and future FLK projects here ( the Tai Chi Village) and around the world ( a Centre in Dunedin, Florida).

The week made it very clear how the Taoist arts are all about much more than the physical “gym down the street” and really about the “cultivation of being”, to be the best we can be.

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