Great Time Had By All in Regina!


Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream….

It’s amazing how many donyus one can perform while singing this little ditty. Nobody was counting the number of donyus. Just merrily going up and down in sync with the rest of the choir. Just up and down in the moment. Although some of us were starting to get tired, the singing seemed to carry us through.

And then………*The ants came marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah!* The donyus continued through to the little one picking up sticks and going to heaven.

Corny as it was, Kevin Telega had close to 50 people smiling and singing along and pumping out hundreds of donyus at the Western Region Seminar and Annual Regional Meeting in Regina, April 25th to 27th.

Kevin, from the Calgary Branch, was one of three Instructors (all members of the Regional Instruction Committee) guiding us through the three days of Tai Chi. Frazer Smith and Sharon Chapelsky, both from Edmonton, also brought their unique approaches to our instruction, to the delight of all.

That’s what makes any  Taoist Tai Chi™ arts program such an excellent learning opportunity. We learn so much from our Branch instructors, and then working with instructors from “away” builds on that learning, expanding our horizons, and bringing fresh approaches and new encouragement.  Those of us at the Seminar who are also instructors tucked many new tools and approaches to instruction into our “bag of tricks” to help us help our students. And we’ve started using them already!

In addition to the Regina/Moose Jaw contingent, four from Saskatoon and ten from Alberta joined us for the weekend. In anticipation of so many visitors from away, we worried we would not have enough billets or enough food to feed all of our guests. The worry was unnecessary as the locals happily opened their homes to guests and provided an abundance of delicious and healthy snacks.

Of course the Annual Regional Meeting is always paired with a program, and Regina was so very honoured to be chosen to host this event this year! We were awed by the generosity of the Western Region Management committee all of whom attended with the exception of two who had family commitments. Mary Robertson, Western Region Secretary even travelled all the way from Grande Prairie to be there. Everyone enjoyed meeting our Fung Loy Kok friends again or meeting new friends for the first time. We played Tai Chi together, strengthening our Tai Chi practice and our Tai Chi Community. And, just when we thought that it couldn’t get any better, as we closed the seminar we heard the results of our silent auction – amazing! Regina Branch is so very blessed to have such supporters and we will make very good use of the proceeds.

Thank you everyone!

Regina Branch’s 30th anniversary will be in 2016. The plotting has begun…….Stay tuned!

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