24 Apr 2014 – A Very Special Gardening Day

Colchester Centre had a very memorable gardening day this April. We installed our first Water Feature, a huge metre high granite-like monolith from the Lake District, which now magnificently takes pride of place in the patio garden.

 The effort involved in putting it in place was quite remarkable. A neighbour had kindly volunteered to mechanically lift the quarter tonne small mountain into place but was unable to help out in time. So a dedicated team decided to move it themselves using pieces of wood and rollers to manipulate the stone into place.

At lunchtime we all sat down to a delicious feast, just what we needed to keep us going through the afternoon.


 The weather was ideal, bright but not too hot and no rain, very still and warm. The whole of the garden was given attention and loving care. With 35 members coming together every corner turned saw people with forks, trowels and brooms in hand, busy tending the earth. The long grass was cut, unwanted weeds removed, hard soil hoed, unwieldy shrubs pruned and the guardian dragon of the Herb garden shaped.

 But the pièce de résistance was undoubtedly when the water feature was connected up. The sound of the water running gently down the stone was mesmerizing and its beauty stunning. Everyone worked together to make it such a perfect day and enjoyed a small celebration when the water flowed for the first time.


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One response to “24 Apr 2014 – A Very Special Gardening Day

  1. Lovely post – Sums up the day beautifully

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