Exeter: New Growth in Great Britain

The far South Western arm of the South Wales branch (Devon, to be precise) was the venue for two days of small but spirited displays of Taoist Tai Chi™ . The first was in Tiverton on Friday, May 2nd, where local instructors and members were aiming to help expand the number of members who started last year.  They were joined by a member from Newport for the day which went very well indeed.

On the Saturday, May 3rd, the focus switched to Exeter where another of our instructors has recently moved to and with the support of the SW branch committee aims to start a new class the following week.  He was supported by three of the Tiverton members and Bristol-based President for TTCS GB Crispin Barker and together they handed out many leaflets and demos done.  Perhaps our two most enthusiastic- and certainly the youngest members of the public from the day are pictured here joining in one of the tai chi sets.

We wish those making Taoist Tai Chi™ arts available in our newest area the best of luck for the future.

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